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The holiday season is well-known as the busiest time for many businesses. This is true for both small and large, brick and mortar, and online businesses. Now is a great time to make sure you and your business are prepared to handle the holiday season. Hiring seasonal workers using our Recruitment Intelligence model is a great way to give your business an extra boost and ensure that you can serve your customers with excellence.
If you know that your business would benefit from recruiting seasonal workers, but you aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Below are some tips for holiday staffing.

Start Now
We are currently at the beginning of the holiday season, and with holiday sales kicking off, now is the time to start hiring your holiday staff. Start posting your available job positions and have your hiring process finalized.

Be Specific
When you put the word out, you want to provide detailed and specific descriptions of the positions you want to fill. Often, holiday workers hold multiple jobs, so they’ll be looking for details about the work schedule and required hours. Be clear from the beginning about what weekends and holidays your employees will be needed, so that you only move forward in the hiring process with people who are a good fit.

Where to Post Open Positions
You should post your open job positions in all the places people look to apply for jobs. This will include all your typical job posting sites and in-store. But you should also put the word out on social media. Social channels are increasingly becoming great places for networking and finding jobs and potential employees.

Work With What You Have
Your current employees likely know someone who would be a great holiday hire. When you get a referral from someone already working for your company, you get to bypass the first steps of recruitment. You will also likely have the benefit of hearing about that person’s work ethic and character from someone who knows them well.

Focus on Experience
Many holiday hires fill customer service and sales positions. A customer service job during the holidays can be high-stress and requires someone who can handle difficult situations with customers. If a person has prior experience in working customer service during the holiday season that is a big plus.
With the right plan and tools, you can set your business up for success this holiday season and make the most of the opportunities that this busy time provides.