The Art of Talent Procurement


At the American Recruiting & Consulting Group, we believe that talent procurement is as much of an art as it is a science, and that the best candidates have to possess more than just the hard skills and experience that you require. Hard-to-quantify qualities like initiative, dependability, communication and getting along with others are vitally important indicators of success.

An experienced, skilled consulting expert can make a significant difference to a company that is at a crossroads, understaffed or under-skilled. When it comes to providing you with the expertise you require, we carefully consider the caliber of the consultants we work with so that we place only the best of the best. The bar is high because your business depends on the quality of the people who contribute to it.

Information Technology

The information technology industry is a rapidly changing field with an ever-expanding horizon of possibilities. We have the capabilities of connecting our clients with Information Technology consulting experts that can help them stay at the forefront of their industry.

Accounting & Finance

We understand the need for highly skilled, experienced and qualified professionals in the accounting and finance fields. We have provided businesses with the critical expertise needed in order to make the best business decisions for situations that ranged from fairly simple to highly complex. Our consultants are knowledgeable in organizational design, change management, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations. We can provide the skilled, professional help you need at every level, from in-house book-keeping or CFO consulting.


Whether you have three or 1000s employees, we have worked with a wide range of businesses in the healthcare sector; doctor’s offices, dental offices, hospitals, and insurance providers. When it comes to finding solutions for the healthcare industry we come to the table with a proven track record of success.


When you require critical expertise at the executive or managerial level, we have a team of highly skilled and broadly experienced consultants who have helped businesses of all types with strategy, execution,  oversight of new initiatives, filling a contract skills gap, and solving complex problems.

Transportation and Supply Chain Logistics

We provide consulting and recruitment expertise in supply chain and network modeling, logistics, transportation, and supply chain strategy. Whether you are looking at cost reduction, innovation, market expansion, data analytics, or revenue growth we bring the expertise to provide you with streamlined solutions that can make a significant difference to your company.

Human Resources

With a decades-long, proven track record of Human Resources problem-solving for companies of all sizes our team of consultants are ready to help with whatever is needed to make your company or organization more streamlined and cost-effective. We are experts at finding talent, placing talent, managing teams, motivating for success, and all things HR.

Sales and Marketing

Your company’s success depends on its sales and marketing. It’s the engine that drives the business. Sometimes the internal or external landscape changes and what worked before, doesn’t work anymore. A fresh perspective can help you identify and implement strategies, policies, and practices that will work for you. We have the expertise needed to make that happen.

Administration & Operations

The success of a company hinges upon administration and operations, which form the back-bone of support for companies. To run an efficient business, you need processes that are effective and streamlined, so that your organization runs like a well-oiled machine. With the help of our consulting experts, you can quickly receive all the help needed to design administrative processes that ensure success.


With the ever-changing landscape in the commercial insurance industry it’s become a candidate’s market.

Our commercial insurance recruiting staff has over 30 years of experience finding and placing the elusive passive candidate with leading global and domestic insurance carriers, MGAs, agencies and brokerages nationwide.

We’re proud of the strong and valuable relationships we’ve cultivated over many years with our clients and are proud to be their ‘go to’ search firm to assist with any staffing needs they have. We’d very much like to partner with you as well. 

IT Professional Services: Project-Based Solutions

Perhaps your needs are project-based. We understand that sometimes you need to hire multiple people with specific skill sets to ensure the successful completion of a time-sensitive project. We are knowledgeable in project-based solutions, and have extensive experience in finding the right people to successfully, and quickly, complete your project.