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Applying for jobs in the digital age involves more than just updating your resume. Your entire digital footprint: your social media profiles, LinkedIn account and public displays of work are all becoming part of your digital portfolio. When deciding to call you in for an interview, employers and recruitment firms are doing more than just reading your resume. Searching the web and Googling your name are all part of the process as they attempt to piece together a complete profile of you. This procedure begins when first applying for any job. Even if you’re talking to recruitment firms, they will evaluate your digital footprint when deciding whether to present you to their client. That’s why it’s important you look your best in the digital age using our tips for preparing your digital resume.

Typically, the first thing employers or recruiting agencies do when receiving your resume is perform a Google search of your name. Before setting time aside to meet you in person, they want to make sure you’re a good fit, both skill-wise and culturally. Any social media profiles you have will usually appear in the top of your Google results. That’s why we recommend you look over your social media accounts and filter your public profile.

The next thing employers and recruiting agencies will do is look you up on LinkedIn. We recommend having a professional photo to emphasize you’re serious about the job. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially a shorter version of your resume. An additional advantage of using LinkedIn is many employers and recruiting agencies are searching for passive candidates, meaning people who are currently employed but are open to new job opportunities. Having a LinkedIn profile puts you in a position to be found by recruitment firms who are searching LinkedIn for people with skill sets just like yours.

Let your future employer see your previous work. The internet is the perfect place to display your accomplishments, successes and other examples of your work. This can give you a leg-up on the competition before you even come in to the interview. We recommend you post these examples on your social media and LinkedIn accounts to make it easy for your employer to find them. Hoping your future employer will search the 5th page of your Google results for this information is a longshot, so make it as easy as possible for them to see these. If you’ve built apps or websites, you can publish links to them. Employers value all types of publicly displayed work because it’s concrete proof of your skills.

Internet searches are fast becoming the new background checks. The difference is now they’re starting before the interview instead of after. Prepare yourself for your job search by organizing your digital portfolio and using it as an advantage over your competition.

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