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American Recruiting & Consulting Group, a national staffing agency, temp agency and executive search firm, was established in 1982 and has been consistently ranked in multiple issues of The Business Journals’ “Top 25 Executive Search and Consulting Firms” for the last 14 years. Here are tips on how to be an ideal employee from a staffing agency perspective.

  1. Positive Attitude. The positive energy of an employee can affect the entire team. Everybody likes working with positive people. Nobody wants to be around somebody talks negative about everything and brings down other people’s ideas. Staffing agencies and companies are always looking for signs of this when they’re interviewing.
  2. Ambitious. Ambitious employees go the extra mile to help the company achieve its goals. This is triggered by their goals to move up the corporate ladder. Some people wait to be told what to do while ambitious employees are constantly find new things to keep them busy and perform. An ambitious employee may even recommend new projects and is always looking for opportunities to do more, not less.
  3. Eager-Learner. Eager learners will always try to improve themselves. They will ask questions and try to learn as much about the company as possible so they can find places where they can add value. This includes learning about other aspects of the company besides their direct job so they can find other ways to help the company.
  4. Reliable. The ideal employee is punctual and honest. Without honesty and trust there is no teamwork. Co-workers have to be able to depend on each other to do their pieces of the project. The best employees can get the job completed without hand-holding or having to be told what to do.
  5. Action-Oriented. These employees will take chances to bring the company forward. They focus on ideas that can actually be accomplished and although some chances may lead to failure, their constant push towards action will help drive the company.
  6. Presentable to Clients. The ideal employees are well put-together and the employer can feel comfortable introducing them to their clients. Even if the job isn’t client-facing, being presentable is always important. Sometimes a client may visit the office or the employer might bring the entire team to a convention. It’s important that the employer feels comfortable introducing you to other people. When you’re on the job search, this includes temp agencies and employment agencies when they’re deciding to introduce you to a client.
  7. Self-Managed. Someone who can get tasks accomplished according to schedule and doesn’t require their employer checking in on their work is always valuable. Self-managed and self-motivated employees develop a schedule for themselves and don’t procrastinate in their work. The employer has enough tasks on his hands and doesn’t have the extra time to make sure each employee is accomplishing their tasks according to schedule.
  8. Attentive Listener. Not everybody has the best memory, but an employee can make up for this by taking diligent notes. The mistakes of not listening attentively can cause deadlines to be missed and slow up the entire team.
  9. Team Player. Most company successes include the contributions of multiple people. Employees who can work with a team and can adapt to the company culture are always important to an organization. Recruitment firms and companies are always looking for signs of being a team player when they’re considering hiring you.
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