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Since the pandemic began, a lot has changed in the way people look for jobs, are hired, and work. With things changing so quickly, it can be hard to know how to navigate it all. Below, we’ll discuss some of the ways that things have changed and what people can expect.

Working in the office isn’t a given.
In 2020, working from home became the norm. And even now, two years into the pandemic, many companies are still allowing their employees to work from home. Some companies have created a hybrid work environment, giving employees the option to work a few days from home and a few days in the office.

Virtual interviews are also common in this new era. Even as more people become comfortable meeting in person again, job seekers should expect to have interviews over the phone or video conferencing. This can come with its advantages and disadvantages, but it is a good idea to get comfortable with speaking to another person virtually so that you can come across as friendly and confident in your interview.

Meetings are less common.
One time-saving element that came out of working virtually was the sharp decrease in meetings. Many people found that communicating via email or messaging platforms was more effective. Of course, there will still be times when it is important to discuss things in a meeting setting. However, sending a quick informational email, or having a to-the-point exchange through messaging can often be more efficient.

Home office equipment may be on the list of benefits.
Many companies are providing their employees with computers, software, or home office stipends so that they can work from home. If your company expects you to work from home, you should expect to be provided with the appropriate equipment just as you would be at an office.

There is often more flexibility in work hours.
Starting the day at 9:00 and ending it at 5:00 might be a thing of the past. Working from home comes with more flexibility and the ability for employees to create their schedules in a way that works best for them.

There are also ways that employers can create some structure for their employees. This may look like asking all employees to be online during certain hours or scheduling a meeting or activity at certain times each week.

Things are always changing.
As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we learn more about what works well and what doesn’t. In many ways, the pandemic has helped companies and employees find new ways to work more efficiently. Many employees who are also parents have found the value in being able to work from home and care for their children. Many have also found that they appreciate the flexibility in schedules that working from home permits.

We will all continue to learn and grow in this new era of working remotely and navigating the ever-changing circumstances brought on by the pandemic. At ARC Group, we’re here to recruit and place employees in the ideal workplace, no matter what may come next. We’re confident a short discussion with our team will assure you that the next big change will be finding the perfect job or hire.