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Do you struggle with finding quality employees? Are you tired of sifting through resumes and wasting your time interviewing people who either don’t have the skills or turn out to be unqualified for the position?

The stats are pretty dismal when it comes to hiring. Here are 5 reasons why using a recruitment agency is an excellent idea:

Reason #1 : 52% of people hired will be gone within a year

Our research shows 52% of people hired will be gone within a year. After 3 years, that success rate drops to 14%. That means half the people you would hire are gone after a year. Whereas the people sourced via a recruiting agency like ARC Group, have a 95% chance of staying past a year.

Reason #2: Fill open jobs more quickly and waste less time

Using a recruitment agency to find new hires will reduce the amount of time it takes you to fill your open spots. A recruitment firm can discover people much more quickly than you can yourself. We have a large talent pool in our database, a network of connections to leverage, and access to recruitment tools that help us find individuals with those difficult to discover talents you’re seeking.

This means that the only candidates that agencies submit for your consideration are those who satisfy your criteria. This streamlines the process of finding competent applicants since only qualified talent arrives for an interview.

Reason #3: High-quality applicants

Using a recruitment firm allows you to meet with more high-quality individuals. We have access to a huge pool of pre-screened and referenced individuals. You’re only meeting with people who’ve already been thoroughly vetted and interviewed.

As a recruitment agency, we deal with candidates on a daily basis and are well-versed in interviews. We utilize best practices to understand both our applicant’s needs and your requirements in order to create a perfect match.

Reason #4: You only pay when a candidate is found, and they’re guaranteed

The majority of a recruiter’s work happens before any compensation arrives. If no applicant is hired, no charges will be incurred for the recruitment process. There’s often a guarantee that if your new hire doesn’t work out, the recruitment agency will find another candidate at no additional cost to you.

Reason #5: The best candidates aren’t actively searching for a job

Not all of the best prospects are actively looking for a new position. Recruitment firms refer to these people as “passive talent,” and they’re tough to find. Our recruiters are experts in identifying, reaching out to, and incentivizing prospects that aren’t in the market for a new job.

Are you convinced yet? Schedule a meeting with our team. We’re confident a one-hour discussion with our team will show you the best way to fill that open role.