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One thing we consistently hear from our clients is how helpful our video interview platform is when it comes to streamlining the hiring process. This technology allows hiring managers to get a sense of the candidate’s personality and communication skills before scheduling any time consuming in-person job interviews.  It can be a huge asset to both the client and the candidate when used properly.


Video interviewing is gaining popularity and is even used by Fortune 500 companies like Google.  While comical, the above video is an example of what not to do if you find yourself in front of the camera.

We’ve seen a lot of video interviews and here are some interview tips we think you should know:

1. Look directly into the camera – Think of the camera as the interviewer. Looking into the camera will ensure that you are making eye contact with the person who will be watching your video and considering you for the job. Often times we find that people are glued to the screen because they are more concerned with their appearance, which can be very distracting to both you and the person watching.

2. Make sure the recording environment is acceptable – Remember this video is about you, so make sure you eliminate anything that could cause a disturbance while you are recording.  The last thing the hiring manager wants to see is your dirty laundry on the bed or your significant other poking their head through the doorway to ask why you haven’t taken the trash out yet. Also, make sure that the room is well-lit and that you can see yourself clearly on the screen.

3. Dress Appropriately – Treat this like an in-person job interview.  In other words, wear pants!  Guys, throw on a tie and go the extra mile.  Girls, wear….whatever it is that you wear for job interviews.  Consider this a first impression and remember, you only get one.

4. Prepare – Sometimes you will have access to the interview questions beforehand and sometimes you won’t. Regardless, you should take time to prepare yourself as much as possible.  If the video interview is prerecorded and you are lucky enough to have the questions ahead of time, make sure your responses are clear and concise. This can also be a double edged sword and leads me to my next tip.  DO NOT READ! (See rule #1) Not only is it distracting to the viewer, but it also sounds extremely unnatural. Speak excontractoraneously and be engaged.

If you have no idea what to expect, at least make sure you have done your research on the company and have a clear understanding of the position you are interviewing for.  Whether its via video or face to face, the most successful candidates are able to tie in past experiences that are relevant to the current needs of the company they are speaking with.

5. Take a deep breath – Remember it’s only your career, and this interview will ultimately decide your path in life and whether or not you will attain true happiness.  In all seriousness,  you wouldn’t be doing this if the company didn’t think you were a strong candidate for the position.  So take a few minutes to calm your nerves, make sure you enunciate and don’t forget to smile.  This is your opportunity to show them why you’re the right person for the job.

Here’s one of the sample video job interviews that we use on our website as an example of what to do:

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