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If you work in the Human Resources department of a company with the responsibility of recruiting and on-boarding, then you know the struggles that can happen in locating and hiring the right candidates.  Many corporations have an internal recruiting team that fill most positions, but even then there are some positions that require the use of outside help.  When that happens you should consider using an employment agency.  

Saves Money 

You may wonder why you would pay an employment agency to help you fill a position when you can do it yourself.  That would be a fair question to ask.  Many times you will be able to fill those positions yourself and save your company recruiting costs.  But what about those positions that you are having trouble finding good candidates for?  For every day you keep a position open you are losing that much more money.  Most employment agencies charge between 20-30% of the first year salary of a hire, but when you consider the costs of keeping a position open and not being productive, many times paying that fee is well worth it and cheaper in the end.  And if you sign a contract on a contingency basis, then you don’t even have to pay anything unless the recruitment agency finds the candidate you want to hire. 

Saves Time 

Your company may not have a “recruiting team” in place and only yourself, or maybe with a couple of others, are in charge of all recruiting, interviewing and on-boarding for open positions.  Sometimes you don’t have that many positions available and the workload is manageable.  But other times you may have more open positions than you and/or your staff can handle.  And the “sourcing” and reviewing of resumes parts of recruiting can be very time consuming.  Again, while the position remains open the company is losing money so it may be best to engage a staffing agency to help fill some of those positions.  That way you can use the extra time to complete the interviewing and on-boarding process as well as other daily duties that require your attention.  

More Resources 

When engaging an executive search agency you should focus on the ones that are experts in your industry with experience filling many different levels of positions.  This is important because they understand the roles and where to find people with the kind of experience you are looking for in a candidate.  And because they are looking for the same types of candidates that you typically look for, but with experience doing so with more than one client, they likely have more networking and resources available to them than the typical HR person.  Also most staffing agencies use a plethora of job board services which gives them a farther reach than most companies.  And finally, because they have recruited in your industry and many times for similar positions, they have a candidate database to use for finding the right candidate.  Whether they get them directly from there or use their relationships with other candidates to obtain referrals, that candidate pool can be tremendous resource.  

So if you find yourself in a position in HR where you have more positons open than you can handle, or if you have a few difficult positions that will seemingly stay open for months, consider engaging with an employment agency.  Companies don’t like to spend money, I get that.  But worse than that is when they lose money. 

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