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At one time a hybrid work model was unusual – some people may not have even known the term before the pandemic. But as people return to the office after mostly working from home, a hybrid workplace has become more of the norm. Many people on the job hunt even look specifically for jobs that allow employees to work both from home and in the office. Below, we’ll explore some of the benefits and drawbacks of the hybrid work model.

Pro: Allows for Flexibility
A job that is partially or fully remote gives employees flexibility in several ways:
  • Parents can spend more time with their kids without having to reconcile a typical 9-5 workday in an office paired with their kids’ school and extracurricular activities.
  • Travel is easier since employees can work from any location.
  • In some cases, an employee doesn’t even have to live in the same location as the office. They may work remotely most of the time and then commute to the office once or twice a month.
Con: Constant Change Isn’t for Everyone
While some people enjoy splitting their time working between the office and home, others find it to be draining and inconvenient. Studies have shown that some employees found hybrid work to be more emotionally draining than fully remote or fully in-person.

Pro: Hybrid Workplaces Save Money
People spend less money commuting since they aren’t having to be in the office every day. They also spend less money at mealtimes since they can eat at home instead of going out on their lunch breaks. Employees may also save on childcare costs since they can be at home with their children more often.

Con: Less Connection and Loyalty

With fewer social ties to other employees in the company, and without a strong connection to the office and company management, some employees may miss out on the feeling of community that comes from a fully in-person workplace.

Additionally, the separateness from a physical workspace could decrease employees’ sense of loyalty to the company.

When it comes to deciding whether to make your workplace hybrid or not, there is a lot to consider that employees and employers didn’t even have to think about prior to the pandemic. But when implemented well, a hybrid workplace can be beneficial for both employees and employers. If you’re looking for or offering work for hybrid workers nationwide, ARC Group is the perfect source to help find the perfect fit.