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After tracking data across multiple industries, we’ve found the top 5 jobs in the highest demand from hiring managers. The economy is growing and companies are hiring around 200,000 new employees each month in 2016. Staffing agencies and employment agencies are seeing considerable demand from clients looking to fill these positions.  There continues to be strong growth in the software technology sector, with web developers securing our number 1 spot. As companies from a range of industries are utilizing software and the internet to improve their businesses, web developers are in still in high demand and the need for them keeps increasing. Even with more and more students graduating with computer science and programming degrees, there are still many open positions available today, and this trend seems to continue in the foreseeable future.

Our 2nd spot goes to accountants. Even with new accounting software being developed every year, companies still need accountants to analyze and process their financials. This traditional field is still essential for businesses and they are engaging employment agencies to find them more great candidates with these skill sets.

The 3rd most in demand position is registered nurses. With an aging population, registered nurses are becoming more and more in demand. Registered nurses provide assistance to physicians, help patients in their recovery and progress and assist with lab work. Temp agencies, staffing agencies and employment agencies are constantly being called upon to fill positions for registered nurses, as a shortage of these candidates exists.

Data Scientists hit the 4th position on our list. Data sciences and data analytics are fast growing fields. Data scientists work with engineering and product teams to develop and improve product features. Data scientists automate data collection, analyze it and then build predictive models to capitalize on future trends. Data scientists also spend a lot of their time running experiments with their data to increase the precision of their models. The growth trajectory for data scientist positions will continue to increase at rapid speeds.

Industrial Engineers take our 5th spot and are responsible for optimizing business processes and systems. Industrial engineers find efficient ways of using existing resources to eliminate waste. This waste can consist of time, money, raw materials or any other valuable resource. Industrial engineers are typically strong in math and science skills, applying them to business functions. Many industrial engineers move on to management positions because the work is very similar. Industrial engineers work across a broad spectrum of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare to transportation improving the systems of each.

If you’re looking to start a new career or you are currently in school, these 5 positions could be the best prospects for you to land the job and salary you’ve been looking for.

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