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You’re in charge of a new project, the pressure is on to get work started, but you need help building out the team.

Do you use full-time employees (FTEs)? Do you hire firms or individuals? Or do you collaborate with a consultant?

It may be overwhelming. But, before you think about who could do the task, first consider what your requirements are and what roles need to be filled.

Think beyond local talent

For many industries, talent doesn’t necessarily have to be located locally, as remote work continues to grow in popularity.

You find all of the talent you need, but they don’t have to be in your neighborhood.

By expanding beyond your local market, you’ll open up a greater pool of qualified candidates.

Lean away from trying to find a single rockstar hire

You might be tempted to find someone who can do it all: content strategy, UX strategy, design, a little light coding—oh, and project manage themselves. This is a one-in-a-million catch.

But even if you do find them, should they for some reason leave the company, you’re back to square one.

So consider the roles you need for the project, and then source the candidates for their individual expertise.

Consider hiring project-based, outside help

Do you think your project would benefit from an outsider’s viewpoint?

For instance, if your company does not frequently perform market research or IT projects, you may want to consider outsourcing that expertise.

Our team here at ARC Group has the ability to put together a project team for you, from the PM all the way to the individual coders, so you’re delivered a complete solution.

A mix of in-house and contractors

Many businesses believe that they must choose between two options: keep it in-house or contract out.

By taking a mixed approach, you’ll have some FTEs and some project-based consultants getting the work done.

Today’s version of building a team is far more adaptable and flexible.

At American Recruiting and Consulting, we’re adept at helping you find permanent talent, contractors, or putting together a project-based team for your needs.

We’ve placed over 50,000 candidates in more than 20 cities across the U.S.

Contact our recruiting and staffing firm today and we’ll discover what’s right for your business.