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When companies need candidates for hard-to-fill jobs like executive or highly-technical positions (like IT), they often reach out to a recruiting agency to help them find the right people. Although agencies can be of tremendous help, finding the right one to work with is the first and most important decision to make. With thousands of agencies out there vying for your business, how do you choose the right one? 

There are several things to consider before signing on to work with a recruiting agency, but finding one with a good reputation is probably the most important. If you’re looking for an experienced, reputable agency to work with, keep reading. In today’s blog, we want to share our good news about being named on Forbes’ list of top recruiting firms in America.

Outranking the Competition

Today’s job market is incredibly competitive, with many business owners and HR managers scrambling to fill open positions. This has led to a rise in the number of recruiting agencies, job boards, and other resources. Despite many new recruiting firms popping up over the last decade, American Recruiting and Consulting has been recognized for the results we bring to our clients. We have over 35 years of experience in talent acquisition and consulting, and we can be the solution you’re looking for. 

Each year, Forbes publishes two lists pertaining to the best recruiting firms in America — one which ranks the top executive search firms and one which ranks the top agencies that focus on placing people in positions with salaries of less than $100,000. American Recruiting and Consulting is proud to announce that we’ve made both of these lists. This is a great achievement and it’s an honor that we take very seriously.

We Put Our Experience to Work for You

There may be a lot of competition out there, but many are unable to boast being recognized as one of the top executive search firms in the country for the last 17 years. With over 35 years of experience in recruitment and consulting and a dedication to helping businesses succeed, we can help you find the right people, right when you need them. 

Whether you’re looking for an accomplished candidate to fill a senior executive position, or you need to build a team of IT gurus quickly, we can help. Maybe you need the help of a skilled consultant to get you through a rough spot or to help you take your business to the next level — we can help with that too. We know that your business depends on high-caliber people to get the job done and you can count on us to find you the best experts in your industry.  

We Work Where You Work

Whether you need to hire people for your home office in New York or your production plant in Los Angeles, we have offices all over the United States. Being in touch with local job markets allows us to have a better understanding of clients’ needs and gives us the upper-hand when it comes to finding talent that’s local. We’ve developed a powerful support network with offices in 20 cities, and we can help you find the people you need — no matter where in the U.S. you’re located. 

We Have the Tools     

If you’ve been trying to find good job candidates but you’ve noticed that the pool of active job searchers is limited, you’re right. That’s why we use our trademarked Recruitment Intelligence™ tool to help us find the people who are the most qualified — those who aren’t actively searching for a new job. Instead of wasting your time on job boards or recruitment websites, work with a company that can help you find the right employees, in less time.

Contact American Recruiting and Consulting Group

In today’s job market, hiring managers often face an uphill battle. With limited resources and limited applicants, finding the right people for the job can seem impossible. If you need help with executive recruiting, contract work, contract-to-permanent jobs, IT services, or consulting, let the company that’s been named by Forbes as one of America’s best professional recruiting firms work for you. 

We have experience working with companies of all sizes across many industries including information technology, accounting and finance, supply chain, and healthcare, just to name a few. With over three decades of experience, we’ve helped over 7,000 clients and placed over 50,000 candidates and consultants. Interested in learning more about American Recruiting and Consulting Group? Contact us with your questions or needs and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you with your hiring challenges. You can also visit our services page or follow our blog to learn more. We look forward to working with you!